Podcast Ep. 3 – Voip Free crap bongs and radio stations!

OMG WTF H4X!!!! I have a real podcast now…a bit long I know but hey its real stuff not just crap…well it may be crap let me know in the links what you think.

Long show…Close to 30min long but the content is there.


  • Internet Radio Station thoughts
  • Vonage Review
  • Free crap from NameCheap
  • Free Voip software and where you can get cheap phone numbers (find more details at voiptoners.com)
  • Bongs! [Like for smoking]
  • Me asking for money so that I can do more mods
  • A song!
  • Free Music [Sort of]

Enjoy 🙂

Mentioned Links in the show…

*all links open in a new window*


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