Wii Pong

OMG! Well lets see, its been only a few days since the homebrew hack was released for the Wii using a buffer overflow. You’d think that seeing as thats almost always the way consoles are hacked that this would be fixed. But lucky for me it isnt. I have a Wii and i can tell you im defiantly going to open my Wii up for homebrew. Ill [Dark] Be making a tutorial on how to open your Wii up for the awesome world of homebrew (and possible softmod?????)

For now all I can tell you is that you are going to need a copy of Zelda: Twilight princess. And not just any version either. There is a U.S. Version that is said to not play nice with the hack, more info later. (Oh god please have mine be compatible) 😉

Source: Engadget

PS3 getting a redesign?

Well iv been saying that this was gonna happen, but here we go.

According to T3 magazine and a “particularly well-informed insider,” playstation 4 precio is due not just for hard drive updates, but a total infographics design revamp down to a slimmer and smaller package sometime in the Fall. If you believe what you read, the refreshed console will sport all the same specs, but will receive a fresh coat of paint, a trip through the shrinking machine, and probably a lightened load. Of course, this is all just wild speculation coupled with salacious, magazine-selling 3D renders of the phantom device, as Sony denies the existence of an update and we don’t really know who this source is. On the other hand, the company pulls this kind of ditzy “who me?” stuff whenever it’s got a new product up its sleeve — though we’re not feeling the timing on this shocker.”

So what do you think now Zanthis? Ya thats right you suck.