T-Mobile vs Engadget

You may or may not read the blog over at engadget.com but recently they received a letter from Deutsche Telekom the people who own T-Mobie stating that the engadget mobile name with the color magenta was a trademark of T-Mobile. You can see that whole post HERE

Well in response to that engadget has chose to “Paint the town magenta” Well you may have noticed that I [Tracker] have also done this on our own little blog here. Dark also made our banner a nice magenta-ish color to match.

Lets see T-Mobile tell me to change my colors!

p.s. Engaget also changed the logo for there engadget mobile site. It is the image above.

And No this is not a April fools joke.

[UPDATE] I have switched the site back now 🙂

The best of 2007

Well as another year passes we thought that we should write up a review on the best of 07. This is a list of things me [Tracker] and Dark thought were the best in there category.

With that being said click the Read More link to read the top’s of 07.

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