Working for the summer!

Ok loyal members (we have members?) I [DarkWarrior] am going to go all out this summer. I intend to post many tutorials including psp, xbox, wii, painting, Photoshop, Ds, and im finally going to complete my Altoids Cellphone that I almost forgot about. This does not mean that we do not need your help though. I am technically working every single day this summer at real job (I work for Baycom Network Specialist) because if i don’t im gonna get fired. On top of that I am remaking a theme for our blog and the forums with Tracker (and possibly all his other sites). If you would like to become a Moderator or a news writer then please feel free to email us.

[email protected]

Want to write for TheModShop?

This is your chance!
We think its about time to get really serious about our site.
We want writers who want to be apart of something we hope to grow into a prosperous community.
As a writer (or as Tracker says it Author) you will be able to post all your insite on the modding community and world.
You will be given Mod. status on the forums and will be able to post things on the blog without permission from the admins

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