Win a xbox 360!

Ok guys so heres the deal. I am getting an xbox that will be modded and given away. The mods that will be done to it will include a custom paint job. Some different led mods and a few other tricks possibly ;).

However as we are all aware an Xbox costs money. Thus leaving it to the sponsor site to pay for it. That means that the terms and conditions are all on MagniRack and in order to win you have to be a customer. However it does not matter if you spend $5 or $500 you are still entered in the contest!

So if you are looking for a gameserver or even a teamspeak server and want a chance to win a tricked out xbox 360 I suggest checking it out.

Oh ya almost forgot…There will also be a second and 3rd prize in the form of cash in your account that can be used for services with magnirack so the chances are good that you will get something.

[Full Details: MagniRack GiveAway]