The best of 2007

Well as another year passes we thought that we should write up a review on the best of 07. This is a list of things me [Tracker] and Dark thought were the best in there category.

With that being said click the Read More link to read the top’s of 07.

More commonly known as Asus this company got the overall best for hardware equipment. Reasons for this are they are one of the leading OEM company’s out there. They also have the cheapest UMPC The Asus EeePc =D

I chose Engadget for their constantly updated site. They are always up-to-date about everything.

For a modder, this is especially important. I need to know when new things are happening so I can brain storm

on ideas, Ya sure its better to have one taken apart first but eh, you still need ideas. πŸ˜‰

Well WordPress was a clear cut choice for this because it is the most widely used blogging program out there. It has tons of addons and themes. It is also extremely easy to setup and manage. WordPress is what we use for our blog =D

vBulletin is a professional, affordable community forum solution. This is used by many websites from multi million dollar company’s to less than 100 dollar company’s. It has a wide range of addons and scripts as well as themes.

Mozilla, they have done a terrific job with firefox and thunderbird, bringing the people one step closer to

security and away from relying on Microsoft for for everything. Now why is firefox so important to modders ?

Because of all the cool extensions we can add, πŸ˜€ with a small google search you can custom up firefox in very little time.

  • Best software company:

Well we were not really able to give this to anyone as no software company did really good, Some honorable mentions could be Adobe (with CS3) and a few others, but me [Dark] and Tracker found that we are not really using any new software.

We have selected this as the best device because of its ease of use and capabilities. Sure it can play games but it is also able to play music movies browse the web and you can even view your por….err…pictures on it right out of the box. It gets even better when you enable homebrew on it and are able to do alot more with free homebrew apps. It also comes in quite handy with XBMC (Xbox Media Center)

Well this wins hands down. Why? Well there are a few, first of all it has been fully and completely hacked to run homebew.

Second even before that it has so many mods our there its crazy. Third, this was the most widely modded console when it came to case mods. Fourth, It has a reasonable price tag! The PS3 and XBOX 360 are overpriced and honestly there are not to many games that are good.

Logitech has made many accessories for the computer as well as other products. They have also made great gaming devices such as the logitech G5 Gaming mouse. They make great speakers for every budget. They also have a great warranty policy. that is if you even have a problem with a product of theres.

Why is this on our list? Well if you hop over to you will find all sorts of mods for the ipod, I [Dark]
personally mod my ipod all the time, and at this time almost all of the ipods are moddable, (but the newer ones have yet to be unlocked) I have made my ipod truly mine and there is no other PMP on the market that i can run 3 different Firmwares πŸ˜‰

If you like computers or anything tech-like , you love this store. Why? Well simply because they don’t jerk you around like Best buy, and they have almost everything you could ever want for a PC! And as an added bonus the tech guys actually know what the hell your talking about :D.

Ok so here is the senario. You want a new computer but dont want to spend the money for a name brand…or maybe you do but you dont want to goto walmart and get a pc from there. So what do you do? You goto NewEgg. Newegg has gotten the choice for best online store for there great customer support wide selection of products as well as hella fast shipping. 3days standard. My item shipped and got here the next day =D.

Why did we name two OS’s for Number 1? Well for starters both of these OS’s made a name for themselves in 2007.

Apples previously unknown OS was made big with Vistas down fall, and to be true, Both me [Dark] and Tracker really want a mac, Especially the mac mini. OSX is all about simplicity and User friendly, its packed with great software, and the best part? NO TRIAL WARE! so i can get up and go.

Unbuntu really made linux’s popularity skyrocket, and the fact that its now bundled on Dells means major headway for linux. If you dont like linux then you must not like Modding, its really the ultimate thing to do if you want to create a home server. πŸ˜‰

Acer has won this spot by providing computers that are actually decent. Compared to dell Toshiba hp and all the others I have seen acer computers last longer and run better than any other “Name Brand” computer. Although I prefer custom built if I was to buy a name brand desktop it would probably be a Acer computer.

Ok so this is my pick of the year. Linksys has gotten my admin choice because of there wide range of products and there well known name. It also helps that they are apart of Cisco Systems *Major commercial networking product manufacturer* There products are affordable as well as functional and because they use open source for there firmware they are upgradeable to a custom one with no problems =D DD-WRT FTW!!!! Now to go along with my statement there products actuially do work for more than a month unlike some other company’s out there *cough*belkin*cough*.

Why Google you ask? Well its a modders best friend. πŸ™‚ If you have an idea and you want to do research on that mod you Google it. If you want to know how to spell something but have no word processor, you can Google it. Youtube, and Google video are irreplaceable tools for modding, because sometimes you just dont get what some people write down. No matter what you want google has a solution. On top of that Microsoft copy’s everything they do πŸ˜‰ So they must be doing something right. πŸ˜€

Google is the new kid on the block and trust me he’s gonna roll some heads.

And this concludes our best of 07. Rember these are what we *the admins* think are the best out there. Post your opnions about this and share your own review. If you have any problems PM Tracker or Dark on the forums.



One thought on “The best of 2007”

    Thats what i think about the Wii. I agree with dark Google is awesome plus it has Google docs. They have a lot of hidden features that not a lot of ppl know about. I choose the PS3 as the best console because the processor runs at over 4GHz. Thats why its so expensive, the Wii has the same processor speed as the Xbox, and the 360 isn’t as high as the ps3’s processor. Also PS3 DOES i repeat DOES offer some really good games, people just believe what the crowd does, that propaganda really pisses me off. When you ask ppl why they hate it they can’t respond with a good answer. I know Other consoles have good games and thats what really matters. But I have played some really nice games on the PS3.

    I agree with the pick of Linksys seeing as that you can change the firmware to weak it and make the reception on that thing godly. For the best PC manufactor, i choose gateway, for their AMD machines, that are really cheap but still really nice.

    I disagree with the OSX choice, though i love Ubuntu i hate OSX. There is a OS out there that does have OSX/Windows Features. Which is sexy.

    On the other hand i do agree with the best store. New Egg offers GREAT DEALS. But there is a store called my friends dad works there. If you go to their outlet, which is kinda hard to find in their website. They offer returned products because of missing manuals for a lot cheaper. The items get cheaper if they are not bought. I got a 7600 there for 40$. I’v NEVER been to CompUSA so i cant talk about that.

    But i do agree with the IPOD i love my iPod Linux. I totally show it off. Its just really cool. Also Yes, on Logitech. Logitech offers nice accessories that i can’t live without. I Also do agree with the Sony PSP being the best hand held. Tweaking that thing makes it worth a lot more and i love it.

    BUT i think we should add a section BEST FREE ANTI VIRUS. I would like to nominate Avira.

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