Virtualize Servers – Update

So sadly my post yesterday has become a failed attempt. It turns out XenServer is x64 only and ESXI cant for what ever reasion read my drives. So the only option left that I know of is to run vmware workstation  inside windows and that does me no good what so ever. I am gonna look for some more programs to run on it that would do exactly what I want to do. I will let you guys know if I find anything 🙂


4 thoughts on “Virtualize Servers – Update”

  1. Hey tracker, for my VM emulator I tend to use virtualbox from sun microsystem. Maybe with VB you will have more chances? I currently own my own server made from my oldest laptop (asus m2400n)..
    I currently only run linux with no X client. Everithing I do is via the command SSH -ACX [email protected].
    Virtualbox seamlessly intergrate windows and ubuntu..
    That a short answer but it might give you some motivation/challenge.

  2. @djakku

    I wondered if you were still alive 😛

    I am still looking into some stuff. I did consider virtualbox but then decided to install windows for now and just throw VMWare Workstation onto it.

    Have to wait and see if I can come up with any other stuff 😉

  3. @Tacker I’m still there but busy with a summer job so I don’t have that much online time. Anyway, vbox is based on java if i’m not mistaken so you could download the windows binary and install it instead om VMWARE. The feature are probably the same but VB is known to be more popular these day, at least were from where i stand. Personnaly I managed to mount a physical partition onto my VM machine running windows without any problems but it was a little bit more trick to mount that same partition on VBOX on linux.. Maybe you’ll have more luck.. Anyway. One the reasons I haven’t shout comments Is that I don’t have a Iphone so I stood still during those iPhones post :p
    I’m still waiting for you “MODDING and videogame Part II” by the way 🙂 have GReat summer both to you and Dark

  4. @djakku Thanks ya I have the iphone and its a great topic to get more readers but I did neglect the non iphone users.

    The Game modding was Darks post and he for what ever reasion cant get his new computer running the way he needs it to and because of that he has not written a post since. Im about to go down to Florida and kick his ass tho 😛

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