JailBreak iPhone 3G Firmware 3.0 using redsn0w


Ok you non iPhone users are gonna hate me becuase the next few posts are all iPhone related. I promise I will get some non iphone content up soon..

On with the post

Jailbreaking your iPhone 3G Firmware 3.0 [may work with other iphones besides 3gs however I dont know for sure]


Now that we got that out of the way the steps….

  1. Update your iTunes to the new release
  2. Update your iPhone to firmware 3.0 like any normal person would.
  3. Once updated find the ipsw file that was loaded onto your iPhone [On vista it is located in C:\Users\LOGIN_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates/]
  4. Download Redsn0w HERE [dont worry its safe :)]
  5. Extract redsn0w and run the program. Simply follow the instructions and you will be done in no time
  6. Go get a pizza or drink its gonna take a while….
  7. Enjoy your jailbroken iPhone!

Thats all there is to it your results may very. I had to do it 3 times before I got it done right but if you keep trying it will work


iPhone 3g, 3gs and Palm Pre head to head!

Wondering what one of the fancy phones to get? Well here are the raw numbers that show the differences. [Notice no blackberry or windows mobile devices…Winmo is out dated and BlackBerrys just suck ;)]

Click on the link below to take a look at all the numbers. Its kind of depressing to see the true results….My poor iPhone 3g is in a corner right now contemplating slitting its sync cable.

[Source: AnandTech]


ultrasn0w update….

Ok so I have been very closely following the new iPhone 3.0 firmware and unlock method that is now known as ultrasn0w and so far here is what it is looking like.

The iPhone dev team is working hard to get it done… It was suppose to be done friday but the jailbreak was having issues with youtube and a couple other things that they had to get working and that pushed back the release date.

Now.. At this point the dev team is close to getting us some ultrasn0w goodness. There are a few last things to iron out like getting the commands trimmed down a bit and getting it all packaged and happy to be released. Once all that is done it will be released and as soon as it is you better bet I will be upgrading to 3.0 jailbreaking and running it within hours 😉

So for now lets just wait and see

iPhone 3.0 will I be upgrading to it?


So with the release of the new firmware for the iPhone getting VERY VERY close one question on anyone who unlocks and or jailbreaks there phones are wondering the same thing. Well I am going to attempt to answer some questions.

First off for those of us unfortunate enough to be stuck with a 2.2.1 iPhone using a turbosim to unlock or just not using the phone because of the damn baseband update we are going to be in luck. A week or so ago I was reading the iPhone Dev Teams blog and they stated the following about yellowsn0w [the program used to unlock iphones with out using a turbosim. Don’t forget to save this iPhone back glass repair contact in case you need an affordable solution to the damage on your device.

YellowSn0w on 2.2.1 and beyond

We see many questions about whether yellowsn0w can ever be made to work on firmware versions past 2.2 (or equivalently, basebands past 02.28).  This is probably a good place to address those questions:

If there is a yellowsn0w update for firmware after 2.2 (or basebands after 02.28), there is no way it would ever be released before 3.0 is official. It just wouldn’t make any sense to release an exploit for something that only those who have beta 3.0’s (NDA signers) could use.  Most people in the world aren’t NDA signers.  Any yellowsn0w update for 3.0 would need to happen *after* 3.0 is officially available

Now I dont know if maybe I was just being optimistic but I figured they had gotten it to unlock on the 3.0 firmware just because of the way it was worded. Well I was correct. As of writing this and just a mere 4 hours ago the dev team posted this to there blog.

On Tuesday evening (just before the big Apple release) we’ll do a live demo of the yellowsn0w carrier unlock working on official 3.0 firmware. The actual link for the feed will be twittered by @MuscleNerd (see our twitter feeds to the right) and also placed here when the feed starts.  The demo should answer everything you need to know about the new yellowsn0w.  But it’s good news for iPhone 3G unlockers everywhere.

What does that mean? Well first it means I can drop this damn tubrosim and go software to unlock. Dont get me wrong the turbosim works great most of the time it just takes a while for it to kick in and do its job and having to type in “internet2.voicestream.com” every time I loose a signal is not a fun task. So that is great news for me and anyone else out there using it.

Lets move on shal we? The 3.0 firmware is going to be able to be jailbroken [did you have any doubt] and it will work with the new iTunes 8.2 that was released. So if things go as I think they are going to go by the end of the week I will be on the new itunes rocking 3.0 firmware on my iPhone with yellowsn0w unlocking it to use on t-mobile.

Lets summarize this up…

  • iPhone 3.0 firmware CAN be jailbroken
  • iPhone 3.0 firmware CAN be unlocked [pending the release of the new yellowsn0w]
  • Quickpwn/pwnagetool WILL work with iTunes 8.2
  • DarkWarrior is a n00b because he never posts anymore 😉

[Source: Dev-Team Blog]