I want to know…What do you carry with you at all times? [Comment!]

As the title implies I want to know what you have on or near you at all times. My list is perhaps a little longer than most would be….

  • Laptop
  • Power Inverter
  • Wireless Router
  • Assorted USB cables
  • 2 5ft cat5 cables
  • Portable media player [I have a couple]
  • 2x HeadPhones [1 for normal use 1 is noise canceling]
  • Assorted SD cards totaling 16gb
  • Digital Camera
  • Tripod [Mini]
  • Batteries [AA and AAA]
  • USB Drive with backtrack3 loaded on it
  • USB Drive with encrypted documents [Truecrypt ftw!]
  • Cell Phone
  • Keys
  • Wallet [Duh]

Thats just about it.

So what do you have on or near your person at all times? Tell us in the comments!


New Dev Servers!


Ok so a friend of mine posted a thread on FWS about selling some of his old servers that he had colocated in the US [he is from the UK]. The servers although not that powerful were super cheap and I could not resist getting them. Now you may be asking yourself one of 2 things.

  1. What is the use of 2 more computers that you have
  2. Why the fuck do I care.

To answer #1 these new servers can be used to demonistrate many different tips tricks and mods that can be done. Such as home VPN servers (if you don’t know what is a VPN by now, Google it bro), Media servers, Home Web Servers, Proxy Servers, Clustered computing,…ect..ect..ect..ect.

To answer #2 it will allow me to get mods done on a topic that everyone can do. I mean come on we all have that old closet pc that does nothing right?

The new servers specs are as follows.

  • Dual AMD 2800+
    2GB of Ram
    250GB HDD
  • Buzz – 301
    Dual AMD 2000
    3GB of Ram
    2x 80GB HDD

*Both are rackmount servers not normal mid tower pc’s*

Not the best but about average for your home closet pc. Now I am going to be able to show different things on a whole range of different hardware. Because on top of those 2 I also have some other hardware that I will be able to use.

  • P4 2.4 Ghz
    1gb ram
    120gb harddrive
  • P4 3.2Ghz HT
    250gb HardDrive
  • P3 650Mhz
    512MB Ram
    20gb HardDrive
  • Dual P3 800Mhz
    1GB Ram
    2x 9.8GB SCSI Drive

So I have hardware in a range of ram and processor configurations not to mention the ability to run anything in a VM on this wonderful Phenom I have :).

As of right now the servers are still in a holding position. They should get shipped out sometime today from the datacenter and if they do get shipped today on time then they will arrive to me on the 29th. Then I get the fun task of getting all of the computers on the same network playing nice and not sounding like a jet is sitting in my office area. Pictures soon!


[I am taking ideas for stuff to do with this hardware other than trash it. Submit them to me HERE]