AT&T Gives users more data with out them asking! Oh and they are gonna charge them for it… Wait WTF?

So AT&T is in the news AGAIN! This time they are fucking over long time customers on older plans by giving them 15gb of data extra per month but then charging them for it. AT&T is claiming that these customers have the option to change plans if they would like and its a small number of customers that are still on older legacy plans.

Ok so now for my opinion (I am very good at giving it!)

Fuck that if I have been a customer on the same plan for “X” years I should be able to maintain that plan. Don’t tack on additional charges and fees just because you want me to switch to a newer more profitable plan that you offer. This ties into my previous post about deceptive marketing with the “unlimited” plans that were offered that were not unlimited. All the big phone providers are just screwing over customers where ever and when ever possible. The only thing we can do as consumers is find a provider that screws you over as little as possible that you can tolerate.




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