Changes that have been made


Ok you may or may not have noticed the changes I [Tracker] have been making to the blog forums and downloads section.


Now because I plan to get TheModShop active again I figured it was time for some simple upgrades and I will tell you what those are πŸ™‚


  1. Updated links on the main blog (now they are in order and look a lot better)
  2. Added links to the forums for Home Forums and Downloads so that you can get to any one of the sections with the click of a button
  3. Added those same links to the downloads section for the added convince
  4. Changed the theme on the forums back to what it used to be. (custom theme on the way hopefully :D)
  5. Removed all the ads from the site. We will be running off my wallet and donations (so please donate)
  6. Slightly changed the theme on the download site to look a little better. I will be making that match the blog soon.
  7. Added a twitter widget so now you can see what I am doing and other fun updates πŸ˜€
  8. Fixed all the copyrights on all the sites.

Ya I have been busy…Where is Dark to help me you ask? Who knows perhaps he will be back to help with the theme soon tho πŸ™‚


Possible changes…


  1. Custom WordPress theme
  2. Custom SMF Forums theme
  3. Better customized download site theme
  4. Chat room/irc server (not sure about this one yet)
  5. Free webhosting for our active forum members

Anything else?


Comment and let me know what else you would like to see added/changed or if you think that I should or should not do one of those changes above.

3 thoughts on “Changes that have been made”

  1. Dark Has been very busy. But I’m done working for the summer and now its time to play! Well actually more like work some more but it will be for the sites benefit.

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