Fail Of The day: Think your phone bill is high? How about $26,000 in one month?


Ok so apparently these 2 guys spent the month of march racking up 217,000 text messages between the 2 and ended up getting slammed with a bill for it. Now the fail is not them texting that much [or is it O.o] rather it is T-Mobile that fails in this one.

Get ready everyone this is a MULTI FAIL!

Fail PT 1. The bill itself. This bill was so fucking big it had to be shipped in a box and cost close to $30 to ship!!!!! GO GREEN T-MOBILE GO GREEN!!!!

T-Mobile has sent me a few letters each 2 pages and on each page there was 2 to 3 lines of text stating that the password on my t-mobile account was changed. WTF? Email that shit.

Fail PT 2. They had unlimited texting….Yes you read that right they had unlimited texts and still got billed for each and every text message they sent/received. Now they did start to redeem themselves by crediting the account for the $26k but still it is a fail.

*sigh* T-Mobile is the fail of the day for today.

[Source: Yahoo]


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