Gonna start a podcast….My How To! – Intro

Ok guys and girls after blogging for close to 3 years now [wow its been that long? /goes and checks whois on domain name….Created: 2006-08-08….damn] It is time to start a podcast. Now I have said in the past that I was going to but this time its for real! I am going to give a step by step on what I am using how its going to be hooked up and such as well as software you can use to edit the audio / video.

One thing to note is I am spending NEXT TO no money on this. However I do have a lot of equipment here. You can use other stuff or ebay it to get some cheap equipment. Now as this is the intro and I have not received the items I did pay for I am just going to run through a list of things I am going to use.

  • Desktop computer with a decent amount of power
  • Audio Mixer of some sort
  • Decent Microphone [Not the one on my headset]
  • Decent Digital Camera for those Kodak moments
  • Decent Video Camera for when a video needs made
  • Some audio editing software
  • Some video editing software
  • Lots of time

Ok so there is a list of what I am going to end up needing. I am going to stop there and keep the posts up with the podcast intro and hopefully soon a audio post!!!


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