Good news for 3gs owners…

So you bought that fancy new 3gs with its better camera and compass but now you cant use all the fun apps that cydia has. Well good news coming out of the dev team.

we were able to verify that the 24Kpwn exploit that the hybrid team used on the iPod Touch 2G is still applicable to the bootrom of the iPhone 3GS. That means we can use the same sort of technique used by our current redsn0w tool to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3GS.This is great news, but how did it happen?  Why didn’t Apple fix this in their normal cat&mouse fashion?  Well it seems this bootrom was cut in about the August 2008 timeframe, so the unintended early reveal of 24Kpwn earlier this year didn’t affect the iPhone 3GS.

For our technical notes on where the 24Kpwn exploit is in the 3GS, see here (pastebin hash of it is here).    Our original blog post for when this exploit was first found is here.

And yes, ultrasn0w will be able to be used on the iPhone 3GS for you unlockers! (In fact, without any modifications whatsoever!)

Important: Apple has not given up on the cat&mouse game, and in fact there are challenging aspects of the 3GS jailbreak that aren’t in the other devices.  It’ll take some time to safely work these into our tools, but the fundamental weaknesses are there:  The bootrom is exploitable via 24Kpwn, and the baseband is exploitable via ultrasn0w.  (And just like with the 3G, ultrasn0w for 3GS requires that you not update your baseband when Apple comes out with new firmware.)

Now if my previous guesses are any indication I would say within the next week or so you 3gs guys will have your happy hacking going again.


2 thoughts on “Good news for 3gs owners…”

  1. I still don’t get it, why jailbreak and hack an iPhone or iPod touch? What’s so fun about doing it? Are there any other benifits when you do it?


  2. @Adam

    It provides you with the ability to install other 3rd party applications that would otherwise not be available on the iphone.

    It also allows for more advanced customizations to be made to the device to make it YOUR phone and not the same as everyone elses.

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