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Well I was actually going to post this last night, but I didn’t get around to it. So when I look to buy a new product the first thing I always do is look for creative mods and hacks. For this particular find I was looking into some DSi hacks. While I have found a few PoC Videos (Proof of Concept) and a few flash carts I have yet to see any real progress as of yet to make me want one of these instead of just working with my normal DS. So as I was trolling through youtube looking at some PoC’s I found this. A DS that has been modded to play on two tablet screens! Apparently there is quite a lot of hardware hacking in this, its not so simple that you could just go buy a touch screen and go to town on it. This was really just something that interested me and I would really love to try, but with this recession I really can’t afford it. In any case its pretty interesting to watch.
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-> Source: http://home.comcast.net/~olimar/DS/jumbotron/

EDIT: Just a thought but let me break down the cost that he estimates it would be to make this again and this is a direct quote:

“Parts and approximate cost (you can do better scrounging for stuff on eBay):

Gateway M275 screens (14″ 1024×768): $100*2 (eBay)
LVDS modules (Advantech PCM-205): $60*2
Digilent S3BOARD + headers: $130
Nintendo DS: $100
Wacom pen: $30

Grand total: $580 (let’s make it an even $600 for any other miscellaneous junk). However, _MOST_ of these things were spare parts I had laying around from earlier projects, so it didn’t cost me anywhere near that much. I wouldn’t have bothered if it did.”

There you have it, now I know I can’t afford it! Dammit its just so cool!

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  1. This is just amazing! I have an old m275 that is out of commission. I’ve kept it around in hopes of cannibalizing the screen for uses as a tablet device for my desktop. Any tips where I might want to start with that?

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