Obama ads to be placed in video games – Gamers doomed

Ok so picture this. Your playing Nascar on your xbox 360 when you look at the scenery and see obama. OMG! H4X! you think. No thats not hacks. Thats the game indistry saying that $60 for a game is not enough for them. No they have to sell adspace in the game. So ontop of that $60 they are making god knows how much more. This for me seems like a epic fail! Now maybe if I was to have spent $10 or $20 for a game and they throw a ad here and there that would not be to bad. But paying that much and still getting ad’s is dumb. Someone needs to hack the game and put something funny on there. Like oh I dont know. Maybe a plug for Themodshop. Or a picture of Steve Jobs using a computer with Vista on it.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Too busy playing video games to watch presidential ads on television? Barack Obama has found you, too, by becoming the first presidential candidate to buy ad space inside a game.

Eighteen video games, including the extremely popular “Guitar Hero” and “Madden 09,” will feature in-game ads from the Obama campaign in the final weeks before the election. The ads — appearing on billboards and other signage — remind players that early voting has begun and plug a campaign Web site that encourages people to register for early voting.

Obama campaign officials said the video game ads target 10 states that allow early voting, including several battleground states: Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, and Colorado.

“These ads will help us expand the reach of VoteforChange.com, so that more people can use this easy tool to find their early vote location and make sure their voice is heard,” said Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro. The campaign did not say how much it cost to launch the ad blitz on gamers.

The idea of embedding advertising temporarily inside a video game is relatively new, having only begun about 18 months ago, and Obama is the first presidential candidate to buy space, according to Holly Rockwood, a spokeswoman for Electronic Arts, Inc., whose company is featuring the Obama ads in nine of its games.

The Democrat’s ads are aimed primarily at game players who like sports, including NASCAR, the NBA, the NHL and skateboarding, meaning EA Sports’ motto, “It’s in the game,” now applies to presidential politics as well.

Rockwood would not say how much the ads cost, but she said they are running on the Xbox Live versions of the game through Nov. 3. They began earlier this month.

The timing of the Obama ads within the video game varies from state to state. Players in smaller states may see the Obama ads for almost an entire month, while users in bigger states may see them for a shorter period.

“It reaches an audience that is typically hard to reach — young males, roughly 18 to 34,” said Rockwood. “That’s very appealing to our advertisers.”

Rockwood declined to say how much revenue the company generates from selling ad space in its games. The company has struck past ad deals with Ford Motor Co. and Puma.

For those who still associate video games with clunky “Pac-Man” or “Space Invaders” consoles, here’s how in-game advertising works: The Xbox 360 console connects to the Internet, so it can be updated with new features, including ads. In the case of “Burnout: Paradise,” the game came out in stores in January, but the Obama ads were only inserted this month.

[Source: The Associated Press]


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