ultrasn0w update….

Ok so I have been very closely following the new iPhone 3.0 firmware and unlock method that is now known as ultrasn0w and so far here is what it is looking like.

The iPhone dev team is working hard to get it done… It was suppose to be done friday but the jailbreak was having issues with youtube and a couple other things that they had to get working and that pushed back the release date.

Now.. At this point the dev team is close to getting us some ultrasn0w goodness. There are a few last things to iron out like getting the commands trimmed down a bit and getting it all packaged and happy to be released. Once all that is done it will be released and as soon as it is you better bet I will be upgrading to 3.0 jailbreaking and running it within hours 😉

So for now lets just wait and see

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