Whats up with the site?

I know I know there has not been any updates on here in a while and I apologize. Between moving and my trip to FL it has been a very hectic month. Soon I will be moving into an office or apartment not sure what one yet and then the site will resume to normal. Oh and if anyone ever has the option to get satalite internet over DSL or anything else… DONT!!!! IT SUCKS MAJOR ASS. Anyway have a good one guys 😀


2 thoughts on “Whats up with the site?”

  1. ahah satelite internet fails, thats for sure, i remember when my friend in turkey had one, when we were all on dial up, he had satelite donwload and modem upload… Epic.
    Anyway tracker, dark, take your time as personnaly rather have serious updates than each week random rambling 🙂

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