A Look Back In The Archives [Old youtube videos I have done]

The above video is from 2006 when we had a half assed clan here on themodshop. We were playing warrock. The main player is me and the other 2 are Dark and the very much unknown maddog. It was fun while it lasted.

Now this video is from when I lived back in Florida. I was out on a paintball field and decided to try and record it.

Here is one of my first tip/trick videos that I ever did. I know you cant see whats going on and sadly I lost the writeup that goes with it :(. Maybe I will re-do it some day.

This is my most popular video on youtube. With over 50,000 views im surprised that i have only gotten one noob saying its my fault there eeepc is messed up. Maybe because no one else was a noob and they all followed my instructions correct.

Well thats all there is for the look back into the archives. I know it was not much but hey. Next year we will do it again and have even more!

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