Major Wii Homebrew NEWS!

Well so much has happened in a small amount of time. Iv been waiting for a some major news before I [Dark] Updated the Blog.

First in the news is the first Snes emulator Was Released! This is a major step forward in the development of homebrew for the Wii. You will realy only need about 3 things for this to work, at least from what iv read so far.

1. A Wii

2. Zelda : Twilight Princess

3. SD card.

Now with this hack comes a nifty lil DVD browser. This will allow you to search the DVD drive for ROM’s. This is very useful but im not sure if you can Browse the SD card for ROM’s. I think you can but seeing as I can’t find my Damn Zelda Disc I can’t make a tutorial, or prove it. You can bet that as soon as I find it I WILL TEST THIS!


More after the break

Second Is the Proof of concept Linux on Wii! Yay, linux finally made it!–sorta– This is a port of GameCube linux. But honestly who cares? As long as we get Tux im pretty happy. Unfortunately there are a few none standard tools that you are gonna have to use. At least for now.

1. A Wii

2. A SD card

3. Zelda: Twilight Princes

4. A SD card adapter for the Nintendo GameCube

5. (optional, recommended) a USB Gecko adapter

I don’t have #4 or #5. But im gonna have to look into getting them 😀 Either Way this is a step in the right Direction, and im sure that this will lead to only needing the SD card and a DVD, But you never know it could stay like this. 🙁


Next up is the first mp3 App. Once again i have not Tried it as my Disc is MIA.

But this is one of the seemingly simpler app.s

Instructions on this are pretty simple Ill just give you the link.


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