One more reasion Burst.Net sucks!


Well over at the ServerComplete blog [the guys that host this site] are reporting this.


” Well BurstNET has struck again! I submitted a simple upgrade request for RAM for one of our customers still in the BurstNET facility and here we are, almost 7 days later, without the additional RAM.

After pestering the live AIM support agent for BurstNET I found out that the sales, billing, and order processing departments decided to take a nice long weekend, well more like the entire week off.

According to the AIM rep, no new orders have been processed nor have any sales or billing tickets. This really irritated me, but there is not much I can do except call or email them :( The prices at BurstNET are unbelievable, but it goes without saying, you get what you pay for!

Now, for those of you reading, no worries! We no longer are working with new servers from BurstNET and are phasing all existing servers out as people upgrade. All new signups and major upgrades are getting shiny new hardware out of Dallas :)

-Daniel | Server Complete”



2 thoughts on “One more reasion Burst.Net sucks!”

  1. Hey Tracker.
    It’s typical of Burst. They are such a joke it aint even funny no more. 🙂

    Nice blog here and interesting stuff.

  2. They sent me to collections for “chargeback fees” and late fees. I only charged them back since they couldn’t setup the service correctly and wouldn’t voluntarily refund the money. They really do suck though!

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