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Well thanks to Hackaday I found this clash of clans hack tool interesting. But i have started to play other game and in my own opinion quite fun game. Its called Ruckingenur II [2]. The goal of the game is to use the tools provided to reverse engineer the given electronic device. If you sit and think for a second it is quite easy to figure out. I beat it in less than 30min. But it was well worth the download. It has the look of an older game and that I also like. So have fun and dont blow your self up playing it [You will see what I mean ;)]

HackADay’s post

[Zach Barth] has released Ruckingenur II, the game of reverse engineering. The latest in his Games for Engineers series, it is a full game with multiple levels and live action cut scenes. Set with a military theme, the goal is to reverse engineer enemy items. Pictured above is a lock to a weapons cache.

The pixelized style is consistent throughout. Even the cut scenes have the effect. The reverse engineering is fun enough to keep you interested while you learn. There is an in game help system that keeps you on track as well. Our only suggestion is that he get the best rifle scope next time!

[Source: Zachtronics via HackADay]

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