Fan Mail!

First of all me [Dark] and Tracker work hard on making original posts as often as we can. Today Tracker has sent me a rather awesome piece of mail from a user who likes our posts. We [Dark & Tracker] would love to thank this user for his or her support! And I want everyone to understand that this site is not run by one person, but by two people with very busy lives. All we want is to push hardware and software to new limits and get as much for our money as we can! Without further adieu I present to you this very awesome letter:

Hello TheModShop,

An email has been sent from djakku. Here's the message:

   I've added your site to my bookmarks a while ago, back when
the eeepc701 was really new and not on the market on europe/usa yet.
You had a really nice resolution hack for the small screen.
Anyways, since then frankly whenever I opened my
{Tech/Mods} bookmarks in tabs, I always found sad that you
didn't really update you blog often.
Yet each of your update was significant, you weren't rambling about nothing
new to report.
I'm an computer studend and I've visited various scenes, mostly homebrew.
I really respect the effort/time motivated people who seriously take the
responsability, or the goal, to keep a site up to date.
Yes, writing to mainstream site is great, of course, but beyond that,
the personnal touch, the expressions or ideas about
general programs or mods, is more honnestly expressed
via 'underground scenes' site like yours.
I just wanted to tell you that since you said that your site will
be more often updated, i refresh my browser more often,
and I'm glad to read your articles.
Keep them coming!

We here at the TMS would like to thank the writer for his praise! Me [Dark] and Tracker are very surprised and are happy to have the honor of the sender. So Keep on moddin’!


[From Tracker]

I am glad that the eeepc mods brought you to TMS. However sadly the eeepc has no new stuff that can be done to it that I know of. [Thinks for a second] Well maybe not… ;). Anyway as I type this I have a server sitting next to me getting a new OS install done on it and I am going to do a os load to another server I have here at home and I am getting 2 more in tomorrow. As soon as I get them in I will be working on them. What are all these gonna do? Well I am going to mod them to do new things! So hopefully we can keep you in your seat checking the site every day.

I am pleased to get this kind of mail from people and welcome it from all we love this kind of mail even tho it is rarely sent. Well rather than rant on and on about random stuff now I am going to end this post.


[P.S. If you would like to send us an email feel free to click the Contact Us link in the side. From there you can fill out the form and it will get sent directly to both inboxes [Mine and Dark’s] we may post your fan mail on the site. If it is a mod idea or a mod that you did and posted to your own blog we might post that as well. If you want just email us to say “Hi” we like hearing from you guys]