Thanks BellSouth

Well the other day I had to call bellsouth because I could not get any ports open on my network. They went through this whole “Disconnect this connect that go here go there…Ok what operating system are you running”

So at this point I say Linux

The Script reading monkey comes back and says “Oh I dont think that modem supports linux. We will have to mail you a different one it should be there in a day or 2”

At this point I finish the ordering process and wait 2 days to get my modem of a different brand…

2 days later a little box arrives at my door I open it up and to my suprise its the same one…go figure.

Here we go again…calling them up. This time I got a script reading monkey that can read.

He helps me to get the ports open with out that new modem and now I have to ship the modem that I dident use back to them because they cant seem to do anything right.

GOOD JOB BELLSOUTH. You are officially the crappiest ISP I have ever used…aside from AOL

And in because you took the time to read this…A short video from for your viewing pleasures.



2 thoughts on “Thanks BellSouth”

  1. racist? Thats a joke right… Were not saying they suck, were saying they make horrible tech support agents. big whoop… let me remind you that the video says that its meant for ppl who can take a joke. I mean come on.

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