Thermal Compound and how to use it

Arctic Silver Ceramique


When I built my computer I failed to put good thermal compound on the processor. On top of that I did it wrong and as a result for the past couple weeks while my house has been a bit hotter than normal my computer was shutting off due to overheating. I was hitting 119C. Well I am going to explain right now the best way to put thermal compound on a processor [or atleast the method that worked for me this time]

Things you will need

  1. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol [I used 91% but 99% is recommended]
  2. Cotton Swabs
  3. Lint free cloth
  4. Tube of Arctic Silver 5 or Arctic Silver Ceramique [What I used]
  5. Time

Now the first 3 things you don’t HAVE to use if its a brand new processor but might as well do it right anyway.

The steps..

  • Clean the processor / heatsink by dipping the cotton swab in the Isopropyl
  • Seat the processor in the motherboard
  • Put a VERY SMALL amount [about 3/4 the size of a BB or 2 grains of rice] in the center of the processor
  • Attach the heatsink to the motherboard
  • Turn the computer on and monitor the temps very closely for the first few hours.
  • Turn the pc off every evening to allow the compound to cool off and then heat up once it is turned back on [break in period] for about a week.

Thats it should be good to go.

Following those directions I got my processor to go from 119C to 50C [lower when the house is cooler]


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